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city_of_houston_skylineIs your website domain registered to your company?  If you are not sure, click here on WhoIs.com.  Type in your domain name and see who your domain is registered.  In my experience, I have found that many companies do not own their own domain.

Houston’s Online Solution Provider

Olivier Websites-R-Us ensures your company is secure within the internet world by not keeping your credit card information on our site and ensuring all important accounts are registered to the company.   Private or Public Domain? Did you know you do not need your domain to be private, unless you do not want other internet users to know the owner’s name.

Olivier WebSites-R-Us offers web site hosting at a lower cost with 99.9% up-time statistics. FREE EMAIL ACCOUNTS with purchase of hosting account package. Great Customer Support 24×7. Most customers and businesses can choose our Economy Package which offers the biggest bang for your buck! Affordable hosting provider with reliable hosting and superior customer support.  Help support the local economy and HOST YOUR WEBSITE WITH US!