Website Design Services

Once the first website draft is designed and sent to the client via email, the client has a 30 day window to complete three complimentary edits.   After the 30 day editing period the client will be charged an hourly rate for any designing changes or additional pages.

Additional services

Additional services may include adding shopping cart, products, plugins, or any specialized graphics will result in additional costs associated with each service.

Delivery conditions

First draft of website design estimation = 15 days (all items such as content, graphics and photographs must be provided). Site will go live upon approval and receipt of payment in full.


Olivier does not share client details to third parties, nor do we share any email information.


* 50% to commence design and or website development

* 50% before delivery of completed site and or project

* 10% discount by paying entire invoice upon project start

Invoices should be paid within 21 days of receipt.

There will be a 1.5% interest charge per month on late invoices.

ONLINE PAYMENTS – Credit Card Convenience Fee for online payments of $5.00


Other Fees

If fees, like plugin fees for updates and or license fees that are required, the client will be notified and be responsible for these extra fees, if they occur.